RMYA TurningPoint Transitional Living Program

Annie Laurie House. The newest of our TurningPoint Transitional Living Homes.

Former foster care youth and homeless community youth (18-24 years) live independently in a home with roommates. They receive professional case management, weekly counseling, job and life skills, educational assistance, and resource referrals, to help them meet their goals and leave the program ready to become productive members of our community.

Many youth aging out of foster care, and youth who grew up in abusive or neglectful homes, are ill-equipped to adjust to life on their own. When young adults find themselves unprepared for the responsibilities of adulthood, and without the skills necessary to live independently, they are at risk of homelessness.

In order to combat the issues plaguing a growing population of homeless young people, RMYA offers the TurningPoint Transitional Living program to help youth who have aged out of foster care as well as other homeless youth. These vulnerable young adults are given a safe place to live and are taught how to care for themselves so that they can become productive, empowered members of our community. For more information about TurningPoint, please call (210) 349-3610.