RMYA Response to COVID-19

Updated 03/25/20

RMYA is committed to the protection of our clients, families, staff, and stakeholders during this time of global crisis. We are making every effort to continue to serve our community via our continuum of care while taking every measure to protect our community – including our employees – during this unprecedented time. We are closely monitoring information provided by key government, regulatory and local entities. In the interest of protecting the health and safety of our clients, staff and our community, the following protocols have been implemented.

All Agency Programs
• At this time, our agency staff are working diligently to keep our clients safe. The majority of our facilities are operational 24/7, in Boerne and San Antonio, and providing services to some of the most vulnerable youth in Texas. We are daily monitoring for symptoms in children and staff in each of these facilities. We are actively monitoring and responding to all recommendations made by the CDC and our local regulatory and health authorities.
• We have implemented additional training for all employees on handwashing and hand sanitization, and strict employee and client compliance with washing/sanitizing hands thoroughly and often.
• We have increased the frequency of the required cleaning and sanitization of our facility, including intake rooms, surfaces and common areas.

Community Based Services
• Effective 03/25/20, the RMYA Thrift Shop is temporarily closed to the public for sales and receipt of sellable donations through 04/09/20, in accordance with the City of San Antonio and Bexar County Stay-at-Home orders. For information on cash and program donations for our children, please contact the RMYA Development Dept. at #210-340-8077, ext. 7001. We thank our loyal donors and patrons of the RMYA Thrift Shop and will be back with information on when we will reopen as soon as we can!
• Effective 03/18/20, the Burdick Community Center is closed to new private bookings for 90 days.
Centro Seguro will continue to be a safe haven for those youth who are trafficked or at high risk for trafficking. During this time, Centro will focus its services on youth 17 and under. Youth 18 and over will be triaged and served on a case-by-case basis.
• Effective 03/25/20, Family Counseling & Resource Center is postponing all face-to-face sessions until further notice and instead will use telehealth services during regular operating hours, allowing clinicians to connect to all clients via interactive audio, video, and/or other data communications. We ask that families sign a telehealth consent form prior to receiving services, including counseling, case management, psychiatry, as well as crisis sessions. For more information on our telehealth services, please call #210-340-7971, ext. 1100. 

Emergency Shelter and Long-term Residential Services
• Our shelters, The Bridge and La Puerta, will remain open to serve runaway and homeless youth to provide services as needed. In order to keep youth and staff safe we will require temperature checks prior to arrival and at admission in order to intake a youth. Anyone with a temperature higher than 99.9 will be referred to local medical authorities as appropriate. All youth and staff will be receive regular temperature checks.
• Long-term Residential Services at Meadowland will remain open and accepting youth as beds are available. In order to protect youth and staff, all incoming youth must have a normal body temperature both prior to admission and at intake. No youth will be admitted with an elevated temperature.
TurningPoint Transitional Living Program will remain open and accept youth so long as beds are available. In order to protect youth and staff, all incoming youth must have a normal body temperature both prior to admission and at intake. No youth will be admitted with an elevated temperature.

Please be aware our RMYA staff are monitoring city, state, and national responses to COVID-19 and will make adjustments as necessary to keep all of our clients and stakeholders protected. Please feel free to call our 24-hour hotline at #210-340-8090 with questions or concerns.

Thank you for being part of our RMYA community.


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