Compliance & Quality Assurance

The goal of RMYA’s Compliance & Quality Assurance (QA) Department is to continually promote and enhance the quality of services provided at our programs by monitoring timeliness, appropriateness, and adequacy of all services. QA activities involve and account for all agency programs, sites, personnel, and all individuals and families served.

The RMYA QA process:

  • Seeks agency improvement at both the service delivery level and in administration across the agency as a whole;
  • Uses reliable and valid methods to study our practices;
  • Identifies and builds on program strengths and positive practices;
  • Develops goals and outcomes based on QA activities;
  • Bases improvement plans on data; and
  • Provides feedback regarding areas of needed improvement.

RMYA collects and analyzes data on several aspects of operations on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual basis in order to target opportunities for improvement and growth.  For more information about RMYA QA activities and outcomes, see the following:

Questions, Comments, Suggestions, or Concerns?

The QA Department would love to hear your feedback! Please contact:

  • Compliance & QA Administrator Dona Suing, at or #210-340-8077 ext. 1114
  • Senior Director of Compliance & QA Tracy Rock, at or #210-340-8077 ext. 1118