Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision & Mission

RMYA Vision

Restoring hope, one child at a time.

RMYA Mission

RMYA creates brighter futures for children in crisis by promoting individual success and healthy relationships in a safe, healing environment, giving children and families the tools to end the cycle of abuse.

RMYA Values

Protection: We offer the children in our care sanctuary from cruelty, abuse, and neglect; and acknowledge that safety, security, and non-violence are foundational to rebuilding the shattered trust of these injured souls.

Simplicity: We recognize that all human beings can best fulfill their highest purpose by simply helping them understand and accept who they are using straightforward approaches that encourage recuperation, personal exploration, and healthy integration into society.

Integrity: We understand that we cannot successfully engage in our work together unless we do so with respect, honesty, and humility. We have high expectations of each person’s work and behavior, and encourage self-reflection as a tool for improvement.

Community: We seek out the interconnectedness that bonds us together as a team, and endeavor to actively discover ways to achieve our mutual goals. Through all we do, we look for opportunities to learn from everyone we encounter and affect human relations with the children in our care, with each other, and the broader community.

Equality: We celebrate the commonalities and differences inherent in embracing a global family that includes people from all walks of life; acting and speaking respectfully in all our interactions, and listening carefully to what each person has to offer.

Responsibility: We aim to thoughtfully leverage each resource entrusted to us; spending the money of our donors and grantors wisely, and encouraging knowledge sharing across staff, volunteers, and the public.