Devastating winter storm leaves behind trail of destruction for San Antonio-area nonprofit

The Roy Maas Youth Alternatives buildings sustain major damage following winter storm.

Roy Maas Youth Alternatives has been helping change the lives of at-risk youth for almost 30 years.

RMYA provides a number of resources like counseling, shelter, and nutritional meals. The Burdick Community Center is where more than 300 meals are prepared daily. The safe haven, however, was not spared from last week’s winter storm.

Joseph Rudolph, Senior Director of Facility and Food Services said three classrooms flooded, including the center’s kitchen.

“For us this is huge, because now we really have to come up with a secondary plan,” he said.

The building has been open since 2012, but no one ever anticipated severe destruction.

“This was unforeseen, greatly because the age of the building, you would have never thought this would happen, Rudolph said.

He said staff is still able to meet the demand of the hundreds of meals, but it has not been easy.

Presently staff is preparing meals in cabins where the space is small and the process even slower.

“They don’t have a lot of storage in there either, so it makes it a little bit more difficult for them,” he said.

However, he credits the hard-working staff for keeping morale high. Although he believes the loss was great, he said they have not lost hope.

“We always work to make sure we meet the needs of our kids,” he said.

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