RMYA asks community to help with monetary donations to repair multiple buildings, equipment, replace spoiled food after winter storm

KSAT Community is partnering with local nonprofits to help San Antonians recover from the aftermath of the winter storm last week.

One of the groups that need your help is Roy Maas Youth Alternatives (RMYA).

RMYA creates brighter futures for children in crisis by promoting individual success and healthy relationships in a safe, healing environment, giving children and families the tools to end the cycle of abuse.

The nonprofit protect children in its care sanctuary from cruelty, abuse, and neglect; and acknowledges that safety, security, and non-violence are foundational to rebuilding the shattered trust of these injured souls.

Julie Strentzsch, chief operating officer of RMYA, explained several of its buildings have busted pipes and the storm caused flooding damage, including three of the RMYA Meadowland Charter School classrooms and in the RMYA Burdick Community Center, where more than 300 meals per day are prepared for children.

“Our main kitchen and freezer are totally unusable due to the burst fire sprinkler system,” said Strentzsch. “We lost all of our dry goods in the pantry, fresh and frozen food that we must replace. We are quickly having to determine how we can prepare meals for a significant period of time without the main kitchen while we make arrangements to get our kitchen restored. We also had several water heaters destroyed and some of our equipment was destroyed through the storm.”

RMYA needs help with monetary donations to help repair multiple buildings, equipment and replace spoiled food.

Image shows damage from one of the RMYA buildings. Photo credit: Roy Maas Youth Alternatives
Image shows damage from one of the RMYA buildings. Photo credit: Roy Maas Youth Alternatives

In addition, the group lost school and office supplies, computer equipment, printers and school furniture.

If you are interested in volunteering, click or tap here. Donations can be made at rmya.org or can be sent to RMYA, 3103 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78213.


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