Local sanctuary for youths in crisis looking to hire veterans

A local sanctuary for young people in crisis is looking to put unemployed veterans to work.

We have details for you on how Roy Maas Youth Alternatives is providing veterans jobs in which they can continue to serve.

For Joseph Rudolph, this is a labor of love.

“My whole life has been wrapped around serving others,” Rudolph said.

After 20-years, the Navy Veteran is serving at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives in a different way.

“He’s done this service to his country but by serving children he’s actually still serving his county,” said RMYA CEO Bill Wilkinson.

He’s training his colleagues who care for some of the area’s most vulnerable youth.

“They come from so many diverse backgrounds and some of the stories are pretty gut-wrenching,” Rudolph said.

At Meadowland, he’s able to serve by providing much needed support to young people who’ve been abused and neglected.

Bill Wilkinson wants to hire more veterans.

“We’ve got probably twenty positions available for people to be working with kids or doing other things around the campus,” Wilkinson said.

He says filling those positions will help the growing number of veterans out of work.

Since March, 16,900 veterans in San Antonio have filed for unemployment.

That’s up 30-percent since last year.

“I think they just don’t know that there are other skills they have that they can use in a different way,” Rudolph said.

Rudolph says more veterans should be creative about marketing their leadership, communication, and team-building skills to get back to what they do well, serving.

“I think it would one, restore some hope in them but two , give them a challenge, give them something to work towards to where they can see the vision and the difference they can make,” Rudolph said.

If you are interesting, contact Roy Maas Youth Alternatives or call (210) 340-8077. You can CLICK HERE for more.

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