Local teen donates 3,000 blankets to children at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives

A local teen is bringing smiles to children at Roy Maas Youth Alternatives.

On Friday, Samantha Sanchez donated 55 blankets and ten bed sheets to the organization that helps kids navigate through the trauma of physical and sexual abuse, abandonment, violence and neglect.

The 18-year-old started doing this when she was just twelve years old.

So far, she has donated around 3,000 blankets.

“Its really been super cool to see kids receive these blankets and share their stories and really talking to the kids is what really helps me keep going because it inspires me. It really does show that I’m just not, that they’re not just blankets to them, it’s so much more than just that,” says Samantha Sanchez.

The teen says a blanket brings a sense of comfort, and everyone deserves that.

News 4 San Antonio

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