The Meadowland Charter School

The Meadowland Charter School (MLCS) is a public charter school that provides a place where students come when the traditional classroom environment doesn’t adequately support their unique academic and social development. We are committed to fostering the individual success of every student in our care, and treat every child as worthy of a fine education and capable of achieving great goals.

At MLCS, we show our elementary, middle and high school students how to be more effective and productive citizens using a proven curriculum of academic and social skills instruction. As a result, our TEA-accredited school has a proud history of helping students reach graduation and post-graduation dreams, or their goals of being successful in future academic settings.

We understand what it takes to create personal success for a wide variety of students of all ages and levels of competency. Our methods are designed to help students learn at their own pace and in the way that is best for them. Our educational approach presents students with appropriate challenges and intentional practices that help them build their skills and understanding not just academically, but emotionally and socially as well.

The Meadowland Charter School is located on the 40-acre Roy Maas Youth Alternatives (RMYA) campus in Boerne, Texas. RMYA is the charter holder, the sponsoring entity of MLCS, and has many facilities it shares with the charter school, including a gymnasium and weight room, swimming pool, baseball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, computer labs, and a library. To find out more about RMYA, please visit 

Meadowland Charter School will be a premier and caring school that meets the diverse needs of all students through an evolving and innovative curriculum that empowers them to be positive and contributing members of society.


The MeadowLand Charter School will provide a safe, structured and consistent environment, including a seamless connection to a therapeutic component. It is our goal for all secondary students to benefit from the structured setting so that they can be successful both academically and socially.


Make Positive things happen. Urge myself to do better.  Seek out assistance.  Take charge of my future.  Adhere to the rules.  Navigate around negatives.  Graduate.  Surpass all expectations.