Roy Maas’ Youth Alternative Pool Reopens

By Darian Trotter News 4 San Antonio Facebook San Antonio – Here’s an update on a story we first told you about back in March.

We reported the swimming pool at Roy Maas’ Youth Alternative was in need of extensive repairs.

The repairs have now been made, and the children couldn’t be happier.

At Meadow Land kids are enjoying one of their favorite pastimes.

“The water is like cold and like we can feel it,” an unidentified student said.

And time spent in the pool is not just fun and games.It helps these children with serious emotional and behavioral issues in a number of ways.

It’s therapeutic and it has physical benefits too.

“It’s a great bonding time for the kids and the staff,” Debbie McCollum said.

“A time to cool off and get their exercise in,” Natalie Burke said.

It’s an outlet, they almost had to do without this summer.

Back in March leaders with Roy Maas’ Youth Alternative announced the pool would be closed for extensive repairs; to the tune of $25,000.

“I was very sad because I really wanted to go swimming,” the student said.

After our Fox San Antonio report, Bill Greehey with NuStar Energy came forward and donated the entire amount.Underground repairs began immediately and then came the wait.

“We were all so excited to wait to see how it would look,” said the student.

Burke said, “Everyday it’s like, can we go swimming, can we go swimming today. I mean it’s exciting to see them so excited that they can do something that they enjoy.” The wait ended at the end of May.

McCollum said, “It’s exciting.”

The children have been swimming daily ever sense.

“They love to swim,” Burke said.

McCollum said, “At the end of a hot day of playing basketball, gym, they look forward to coming to the pool and just cooling off.”

Burke added, “They really enjoy having the pool here, it makes them happy.”

If you would like to help with other needs click here, Roy Maas’ Youth Alternative.

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RMYA Pool Reopens
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Charity Ball Grant

The Charity Ball Association selected Roy Maas Youth Alternatives to receive their 60th Anniversary Significant Impact Gift of $750,000. With these funds, RMYA will build a new Bridge Emergency Shelter for children in need of short-term housing. The Charity Ball Association has given over 15 million dollars to 200 charities to support and enhance the quality of life for Bexar County Children. We are honored to have their support. Here are a few photos form the formal announcement on May 18, 2015, held in the playground pavilion of the current Bridge Emergency Shelter. Thank you Charity Ball for your dedication to the most vulnerable children in our community.
Charity Ball Grant
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Roy Maas’ Youth Alternatives gets $750,000 gift

Organization announces plans for $1.1 million emergency shelter

SAN ANTONIO – Roy Maas’ Youth Alternatives received a large donation Monday night and announced its plans for the money.

Charity Ball Association awarded $750,000 to RMYA to aid the organization in its mission to help children throughout San Antonio.

RMYA announced the money will go toward the building of a new $1.1 million emergency shelter.

The current shelter, the Bridge Emergency Shelter, has served children in crisis at its current location for more than 30 years.

RMYA CEO Bill Willkinson said there is still a big need in the community.

“Unfortunatley there are thousands of children who find themselves homeless, or abandoned or neglected by a parent or a family member, and when they have no place to go, they know they can go here,” he said.

Monday’s donation will cover about 65 percent of the new shelter.

Groundbreaking for the new facility is tentatively scheduled for this fall.

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RMYA Donation
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