Support the Kids of RMYA

Make A Donation

Government contracts provide about 70% of the funding required to care for the children residing at RMYA. We depend on the generous donations of individuals like you in order to continue providing innovative and life changing programs and services for our young residents.Donations, large and small, are essential. Here is a list of what the donations we receive can purchase:$25 – Hygiene supplies (soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothbrush & toothpaste, brush or comb, and flip flops) for 2 children.$50 – Pays for movies or roller skating and snacks for 2 children.$100 – Clothes 1 child (from top to bottom).$250 – Pays for a mattress, sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases for one bed.$500 – Feeds 3 children for a month.$1,000 – Provides licensed professional counseling services to 3 children for one month.$2,500 – Furnishes the common areas in residences where children spend time when not participating in other activities.$5,000 – Ensures all children have access to a registered nurse and medical supplies for 3 months.Please consider supporting the children of RMYA with your tax deductible donations. Please contact Gail Ribalta, Director of Community and Donor Relations, with your questions about donations to RMYA at 210-340-8077.

Circle of Hope

Please consider joining The Circle of Hope
When you join the Circle of Hope, you make a lasting commitment to the children of RMYA. Your sustaining gift creates brighter futures for abused and neglected children, bridging the gap between housing children and healing them. By joining at the level you are able, you provide opportunities for children to achieve individual success and establish healthy relationships. Your monthly gift to RMYA helps to break the cycle of abuse by giving children consistency, safety, and structure in a therapeutic environment. Your support makes it possible to heal trauma through respect, acceptance, and kindness to establish healthy and positive interactions. Together, we can restore hope, one child at a time. Please contact RMYA at 210-340-8077 and ask for Gail Ribalta (Ext. 1102) for more information about the Circle of Hope. Join the Circle of Hope online by clicking here.

Supporter $10 per month  Supplies one month’s toiletries for one child.
Advocate $25 per month Provides two extracurricular activities for a child in care, a trip to the movies, roller skating, or the zoo with a snack and drink.
Champion $50 per month Provides two new outfits for a child in care.
Defender $100 per month Provides hair-cuts for ten children.
Protector $250 per month Feeds one child for a month.
Angel $500 per month Provides job training for one TurningPoint resident for one month.

Clothing & In-Kind Donations

All program donations are processed through the RMYA Thrift Shop. Every donation of clothing, furniture, or other equipment is evaluated for the use in our children’s programs first. If your donations aren’t immediately needed for the children of RMYA, we either store these items for future use or sell them in our thrift shop, where all proceeds go back to the programs. Please contact the Thrift Shop at 210-340-8011 for more information or click here.

Vehicle Donation

Do you have a gently used car sitting in your driveway, or taking up space in your garage? Consider donating it to RMYA. Vehicles in good condition will be used in our programs to take children to activities, events, field trips, and doctor appointments. Vehicles that need repairs or aren’t quite right for use with large groups of children, will be sold with all proceeds going back to children’s programs and services. Vehicle donations are tax deductible, fast and easy and are a great way to support some of the most vulnerable children in protective care. Please contact Gail Ribalta at 210-340-8077, ext 1102 for information about vehicle donations.

Planned Giving

Please contact Gail Ribaltaat 210-340-8077, ext 1102 for information about planned giving options.


When writing or updating your will, you can also make a real difference in the lives of children by naming RMYA as a beneficiary.There are several ways to structure a bequest:

  • Specific bequest: You name a specific dollar amount or asset that you would like to leave to RMYA
  • Residual bequest: You provide that RMYA will receive a percentage or all of your residuary estate (i.e., the assets remaining after specific provisions made for your other beneficiaries have been fulfilled.)
  • Contingent bequest: You provide that RMYA is a beneficiary only in the event that other named beneficiaries do not survive you.

Suggested language for a bequest to RMYA:I give [_________ dollars – or – specific assets – or – ___ percent of the residue of my estate] as an unrestricted gift to Roy Maas Youth Alternatives, a Texas 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with offices at 3103 West Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78213, for its general use and purposes.When possible, an original copy of your will should be provided to RMYA. For more information, please contact Gail Ribalta, Director of Community and Donor Relations, with your questions at 210-340-8077 or email her at Beneficiary Designations One easy way to make an impact gift to RMYA is by designating the agency as either a full, partial, or contingent beneficiary of a retirement plan, insurance policy, or savings account. Making a gift through the beneficiary designation form, rather than through a will, may provide significant tax benefits and also allow the gift to bypass the probate process.Some common designation options include retirement plans (e.g., traditional IRA, Keogh, 401(k)), life insurance policies and savings accounts.Most beneficiary designation forms will require the federal taxpayer identification number for Roy Maas Youth Alternatives, which is 74-1914638. We are happy to talk with you and your plan or policy administrator or other advisors if you are considering designating RMYA as a beneficiary.For more information, please contact Gail Ribalta, Director of Community and Donor Relations, with your questions at 210-340-8077 or email her at

RMYA Foundation

In 2001, the Board of Directors approved the establishment of an Endowment fund; which has been named the Roy Maas’ Youth Alternative Inc. Foundation. The RMYA Foundation was established to raise $2,500,000 in order to provide a safety net for the organization. With the establishment of the Foundation, providing safety, consistency, love and personal attention to the abused, neglected and traumatized children in our care is ensured despite shifts in the economy. The foundation has a separate Board of Directors and accepts donations. To donate to the RMYA Foundation please contact Gail Ribalta at (210) 340-8077, ext. 1102 or